6 Simple Hair Tips


Every woman wants nice, healthy hair. However, there are a lot of mistakes that women do that aren’t good for their hair. Here are a few simple tips to help you (and your stylist) happier with your hair.

1) Don’t use box color!
We have a saying in the cosmetology business. “Life is like a box of hair color. You never know what you’re gonna get.” If you want a color, talk to someone who is licensed to do it. There’s a reason we go to school for this. It’s a lot more than just learning to cut hair. We have to learn colors and reactions and chemistry to pass our color class. Not to mention professional color is a lot healthier for your hair. No matter what box you use, your hair will feel dry. With ours, we have special conditioners to combat the chemical damage. I have seen Ronald McDonald Orange and pond scrum green hair too many times in my life. Let me help you help yourself.

2) No wet to dry straightener.
What happens to something cold and wet when you add three hundred degree heat to it? Well, if you answered, “Nothing good,” you would be correct. Basically you’re putting your hair into shock. It’s not used to that kind of torture. Completely dry your hair with a blow dryer before straightening. I know, I know. For you poor girls with waist length, thick hair it’s a nightmare. You’ll thank me when your hair isn’t breaking off.

3) Trim to grow.
Your hair needs to be trimmed even if you’re trying to grow it out. When the ends start to split, they don’t just stop (and ripping them out won’t help anything). They slowly keep splitting all the way up your hair shaft. The more they split, the more they break. The more they break, the shorter they get. Thus, it makes it seem like your hair isn’t growing. It’s a vicious cycle. You don’t need much. Just a little will do. I always suggest half an inch every 8 to 10 weeks. That’s just enough to keep your ends healthy and hair growing.

4) Proper products.
Is your hair curly? Use a curl cream or mousse. Frizzy? Serum. Also, if your hair is flat, a cut on its own won’t give you volume. You need some mousse and/or volumizer in there! Here’s the catch. Don’t buy the products from Wal-Mart. Or CVS or anywhere that isn’t a salon or beauty supply store. If you find a product in a department store, it’s watered down and not real (Even if it’s a salon brand. It’s not the real thing. But that’s another rant for another day). It won’t do anything for your hair. Sure Redken is a little more expensive than Suave, but it’ll last longer and actually do what it’s supposed to. Please listen to your stylist. She’s not telling you to buy it just for the money (although that is a bonus). It’s mostly for your benefit.

5) No home snipping. 
For the love of all things cosmetology, keep the scissors out of your hair at home. If your bangs are too long, call your stylist and see if she can cut them. If your layers are too long, just go get a trim. Maybe that’s too much to ask of you, but come on! You’re going to throw off your style and possibly create a giant mess of you keep snipping away at your hair at home. Baby bangs aren’t attractive. That’s why we cut them for you.

6) Conditioner is a must. 
You don’t need it every day. I condition mine about every other day. Conditioner’s not just for long hair or chemically treated hair. It’s to keep your hair from drying out and keep it soft and healthy. You don’t need to use much. There’s even light conditioner for you fine haired females. If you have colored, highlighted, or permed hair, use it every time you shampoo. It will make your life so much easier.

Some of these you may have known, others you may not have known. Please take my advice. Not only will You be happier with your hair, but your stylist will be thrilled with you and your life changes!

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