Reasons to love Redken


        Redken is one of the leading product brands in the beauty industry.  Personally, Redken is my favorite product line.  While each stylist has their own favorite, here are a few reasons I think Redken is the best.

Five things to Love about Redken

  1. There’s something for everyone.

Redken is a great product line because they understand that not everyone has the same kind of hair and they make a different line for every type of hair.  They not only make a shampoo and conditioner for every hair type, but along with that, they have special products to help keep your hair the way you like them.  If you’re a blonde, go for their Blonde Idol.  They have special conditioners to keep your blondes gold or cool, depending on your preference.  They even have specific lines for thinning hair and for men (because apparently men don’t like to smell like flowers… Who knew?!).

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  1. Their styling products actually work.

As a stylist, I know there are certain ways to use each product and I try to show my clients the proper usage as much as I can.  When a product is used correctly, it will help you get the look you want (and I mean professional product, not something from Wal-Mart).  Redken products work amazing.  I have put their “06 Thickening Lotion” into a client’s really thin hair and she looked at me and said, “I never knew my hair could look so full!”  She is now a Redken fan as well.

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  1. They stay up-to-date on trends.

Redken is always coming out with new products, techniques, and training videos.  I love to watch the new things they roll out with.  They also send out some of their top educators to their beauty schools and salons all over the country.  Having been educated at a Redken school (The Salon Professional Academy), I was lucky enough to have been trained by some of the best educators in the beauty industry.  Because they taught us the newest trends, I was able to enter the salon with more knowledge and confidence than my competition.

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  1. Two words: “Shot.  Phix.”

Redken’s Chemitry Treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that you can only get done in a salon that offers it.  I am living proof that these work.  I used to bleach my hair on a regular basis (Not recommended.  Do as I say, not as I do).  I would get these treatments done on a weekly basis and it kept my hair from feeling like straw.  While it’s not a miracle by any means, it does help balance your hair’s natural pH and help get it into a better condition.

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  1. They care about their customers.

Redken is passionate about giving their customers the best treatment and help they possibly can.  They will do this in their salons, but also online.  When visiting the Redken website, you are able to “choose a professional” to give you advice.  You answer a couple questions about your hair and what you want to get out of your hair, and they give you tips on what products to use.  While this isn’t a cure-all for your hair, it can definitely point you in the right direction.

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4 thoughts on “Reasons to love Redken

  1. Great post, you have really done a good job illustrating why you like Redken and how it can be beneficial for other people as well. In the paragraph that starts #2, there is a typo, you have the word “really” listed twice. I like that at the end of each description you put a link to the products that you were specifically speaking about. It was really helpful when I clicked on the links to see what you meant and the variety that the company has. For number 4, it would be helpful to see a picture of your over processed hair before and after the product, but I can understand if it would not be possible since you are using the product, there may not be before pictures. But maybe a back shot of your healthy, happy hair as an example of what hair looks like when someone is using the product.
    Overall, I think this is a fun and informative post. It shows that you really love the product and enjoy using it. Good job.

  2. michellegundy


    I love your blog! I really enjoy the insider info you provide, and it’s clear that you’re passionate about the topic. Your post is really informative.

    Great use of links and media. You give your audience thoughtful information to follow up on.

    The overall look of your blog is great. I like the color scheme, and the fonts are easy to read. The bold first paragraph is a great idea.

    Logistically, I found only a few errors. Under #4, “Redken’s Chemitry Treatment,” the word Chemistry is missing an “s.” And in #1, the line says, “your hair the way you like them,” but it should be “the way you like it.”

    I really hope you keep your blog going. Insider information is always a great topic, and you know your stuff!

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